The nice thing about Red Maple Leaves

Red maple tree justifies its name, not just in the autumn, when it’s decorated with red leaves, but also in the spring too. It’s small tree or medium-sized tree, 10-15 m tall, 4-7 m wide, conical, with ovate or almost round crown. Colour of the foliage: up to wide range of foliage is fragrant red inflorescences, (March-April). Fruits before and through foliage, are bright red, decorative. Leaves 3-5-palmately lobed, in the fall of the leaf it is quite attractive picture: the top side of the tree is orange or red-purple, the underside – pink and silver. Homeland of october glory maple tree it is The United States.

It can be a decoration of a typical territory. A plant for the garden or park areas, gardens, fully confirms its “red” name. The most effective proof this gracing is undoubtedly its red beautiful foliage. Rather it can be in the springtime blossoms, they’re not only by themselves red, but also the scales of flower buds purple-crimson. Get ready to enjoy its unusual beauty, practically all year long around. It is not uncommon multi-stemmed tree. This excellent tree should grow the ideal in sunny parts of the territory, together with the good soil moisture. While “Red Sunset tree” easily tolerates partial shade, nevertheless it’s best to offer him maximum sun.
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